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Access to Provider Portal

Sign up

The first step of provider onboarding is signup. If you already signed up for DBT Daily app, then its better to use a different email than what you signed up to DBT Daily with. If you choose to use the same email, then on the DBT Daily app when you login you will be forced to enter MFA Code. We need to do that on the Provider portal for security and privacy of users' data.

Account Confirmation

Once you sign up and verify email, we will verify your credentials and confirm your account. You will receive an email about the account being confirmed and then you can login.

MFA Setup

The very first time, you login you will have to set up MFA (Multifactor Authentication). You will have to download Google Authenticator from Playstore or App Store onto your mobile device. Then you need to set up Google authenticator. You can refer this guide. Once you set up authenticator to sync with your account, every time you login you will be asked for MFA code and you will enter the code from the authenticator app.

Invite clients to share diary entries

Invite clients

Navigate to the DBT Daily App, on the left navigation bar (under apps). Then click on the "Invite Clients" button. Enter one or more of your clients' email addresses and click "Send".

Client sharing settings

Your client/s will receive an email with a confirmation code and provider email address. On their DBT Daily App, they will navigate to "Sharing Settings" screen using the left navigation bar (Settings > Sharing Settings). They will need to then click the '+' button and in the next screen enter the confirmation code and email address that they received in the email and click 'Submit' button. On the next screen they will check one more more diary card items that they want to share with you and click "Save".

View client data

Once the client has set the sharing settings, then you can login to the provider portal and navigate to DBT Daily app where you can see the client's name added to the list. When you click on the clien't name, you can see his/her diary data (entries and statistics).